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Artwork - #3 | By Sradha

The following paintings are done by Sradha. An excellent oil painter. Do you think so? Comment on this. The good stuff we provide at The Few Creators gets enriched day by day all because of artists such as her.





~ Sradha


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Poem - #13 | Utopian Dystopia | On Poverty and Racism

On Poverty and Racism
They say it ain't good
When you show your cunning self
But when you have to beg for food
Being honest is of little help.
Sit in the heat, sit in the rain;
Is it the best way, you use your brain. But you know what? The rich don't care, About the miseries the poor share.

Oh! Please don't spit there Thats where I sleep dear: And don't you piss there My food is in there!

Yeah you heard it right But you still will fight, With the people and the government, Everytime they have us money, lent.

For the rich get richer,  And the poor - poorer: Very few things in this world Are more truer, Than this clichéd phrase.

You see, we live in such a country When dogs are prayed but men slayed, On the basis of their so-called caste How long do you think can such a rule last? And the black men, kicked out and murdered Just because God had them coloured.

And yet they say we live in an utopia But all it is, is another sad but true dystopia.
And the truth is even if you…

Poem - #12 | Feelings


I didn't want to do it
Or maybe I did,
It all started when I said that your post was lit,
And you commented that you were deeply grieved.
You said you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if let alone you would try ----- To leave this world and fly.
To fly far, far away from the wide-wide sky But it was just another big lie. I believed in you, tried to console you, I said, "All will be well, a good life awaits you."
But you acted well and kept on bluffing Saying the same four lines to Joe, Bill, John and Irving That you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if you could you would try ----- To leave this world and fly.
But playing us was your aim, Nothing more, nothing less, and you did nicely frame ------' That you suffered, while others betrayed: But never did you think what had you portrayed When with the five of us you played.
And I didn't want to do it But you forced me into …

Artwork - #2 | By Alish

Art is meant to be the portal between imagination and reality.  Some just see it, some feel it and some others live it.
Few though are able to put life into their paintings but when I see his ( Alish's ) I fail to find any flaw. What do you all say?